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Alain bizos

Alain Bizos

Represented artist


Richard Dumas

Represented artist

Esther Vonplon

Ester Vonplon

Represented artist

Anne-Lise Broyer

Represented artist

La Main et l'Ousrin, das Schloss 2014001

Sara Imloul

Represented artist

ISabelle Chapuis

Isabelle Chapuis

Represented artist

Laurence Leblanc

Represented artist

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110 Honoré Façade

About us 110 galerie

Located between the Louvre and the Bourse de Commerce, 110 Gallery opened its doors on June 2nd, 2022. The gallery will present 10 exhibitions annually, showcasing the French contemporary art scene.

Under the artistic direction of Sidonie Gaychet, the 110 will curate a rigorous and varied program, highlighting a variety of artistic mediums including photography, sculpture, installations, video, painting and drawing.