110 Honoré

Right in the heart of Paris, Le 110 Honoré nestles between the famous landmarks of the Louvre museum and Les Halles. Located on three floors and 300 square meters, the venue features cultural, culinary, and sports events six days a week.

The beautiful building combines copper, wood, and stone, offering both warmth and an invitation to linger.

Now at 110

110 Galerie X Lusted Men
From December 9th to February 4th

Sensations and culture

This unique venue offers cultural, sensory, and emotional experiences in various spaces dedicated to art, creativity and relaxing.

110 Galerie is a spacious art gallery showcasing the French art scene with ten annual exhibits. Discover new talent in photography, sculpting, painting, and drawing, curated by our talented fine art professionals.

New spaces will open soon in 110 Honoré.


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