We have created a bright, beautiful space for you to lay down your yoga mat! Located on the first floor of Le 110 Honoré, this 20 square meter studio, flooded with light with its large windows and balcony, will enable you to take some time for yourself and your practice and to come away relaxed, well and happy.

Vinyasa classes are available every week, year-round and taught by certified teachers. We recommend that you bring your own mat, though we do have a few to lend out. We recommend that you bring your own mat, though we do have a few to lend out.

Vinyasa Yoga

In Sanskrit, Vinyasa means “the synchronization of movement and breath.” inyasa is a term used to describe continuous or dynamic movements between yoga poses. It refers to the synchronizing of physical movement with your breath. This technique allows you to create a deeper absorption of awareness through a rhythmic moving meditation while practicing yoga. This flow of movement is excellent for increasing flexibility, strength, stability, calmness, and focus. Each flow is adaptable to the needs and levels of each student.

Yin yoga

Yin Yoga is a slower-paced, more meditative version of the popular physical and spiritual discipline of yoga. In Yin yoga, the poses are held for a long period of time (typically three to five minutes or longer) to target the connective tissues (such as the ligaments) rather than focusing on the muscles. As a result, the asanas are more passive holds, with little muscular engagement.

Hatha yoga

Hatha Yoga balances out masculine and feminine principles. It harmonizes vital functions and emotions and reconciles body, mind, and soul. Hatha is a practice that is both gentle and challenging. Classes are based on doing various poses (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), relaxation and meditation work.


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